Android vs. Windows- The Best Technology for Houston Manufacturing Companies?

Are Houston Manufacturing Companies Ready to Move from Windows to Android?

Windows has been the undisputed king of OS for quite some time. Mac quickly cleaned up their act, of course, but when speaking of customization and adjustments, Windows is up there with the best of them. The OS can be re-made to suit the different programming needs and app requirements for Houston manufacturing companies. But no other OS can match the flexibility of Android.

However, in an ever-growing field of mobility and adaptability, the Android OS has emerged as a major player, threatening to replace Windows in the workplace.  While that may be a hasty statement, Android has quickly established itself through the devices being used in the Houston manufacturing workplace. This is why many frequent Windows users are now learning to use this flexible OS.

Why Make the Move?

Android has been a very well-distributed, widely used OS ever since the first smartphones were made. However, how is this OS better than Windows for the mobile workforce?

  • Customization. Windows OS programs can be created to suit a company or industry’s needs. Android OS is open source making it more flexible and adaptable for Houston manufacturing companies. Aside from its popularity with consumers, programmers or company IT personnel can do virtually anything with Android’s open source code.
  • Modernization. Windows OS currently is on its tenth edition; however, Android, a much younger OS, is already in its seventh incarnation. Of course, the lack of Windows improvements was because it didn’t have any competitors that spurred its early development.
  • Updates. Smartphones were only recently introduced into the public, and yet, the Android OS has made significant improvements. Android has proven to be a favorite, especially for Houston manufacturing mobile workforce devices.
  • Applications. Again, the sheer number of applications available makes this alternative OS a very popular—if very open—OS. Because of this, Houston industries may even choose to design their own app for the OS or select some from many available alternatives from the app store.

The Choice is Open

That may or may not mean open source, but in the end, choosing to move from Windows depends on the company and their need. A brick-and-mortar office won’t have any use for Android phones aside from communication and other time-intensive applications; mobile industries, meanwhile, will put their faith into apps developed for Android devices, most of which are mobile and adaptable. It all really comes down to which OS best suits your needs; the more mobility your industry demands, the more Android makes sense for your business.

Barcode Southwest has been creating solutions for people choosing Android over Windows. This is a logical choice if an industry is looking to go mobile. Most PCs use Windows OS, but the mobile devices—tablets and smartphones—are Android’s territory. We provide barcode printers, scanners, and other supplies. From quick and decisive mobile printing to mobile devices that enable real-time scanning, we cover everything. Staying on top of the latest industrial devices is an effective way of knowing the market and effectively getting close to the clients as well.

At Barcode Southwest, we cater to a wide range of industries that are mobile; like Manufacturing, Healthcare and Retail. Barcode Southwest may be reached at (888) 764-9965 or through our website at

Barcode Southwest is a premier supplier of Houston, TX barcode products for a wide range of industry applications. We supply to clients all over the Southwest region of the U.S., including but not limited to: Dallas, TX; Austin, TX; San Antonio, TX; and College Station, TX.

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Polypropylene Labels (BOPP) and Benefits

Polypropylene Labels and their Benefits

Polypropylene, also known as BOPP, is a widely used synthetic material when plain paper labels are failing.  Paper labels have their purpose in life, mainly for indoor and short-term applications. Conversely, Polypropylene labels are well suited for labeling in cold humid environments, such as cold or frozen items, or for outdoor shelf labels.    Depending on the application, Polypropylene, or BOPP labels, are made for either direct thermal or thermal transfer printers.  Because they are so widely used, Polypropylene labels are available in either a matte or glossy finish.


  Here are a few benefits that Polypropylene labels have to offer:

  • Extremely durable (tear resistant)
  • Solution to condensation problems (moisture resistant)
  • Aggressive adhesive
  • Flexible- conforms to multiple types of surfaces
  • Ink receptive when printing Flexo or Digital
  • Provides resistance to chemicals (Drum and Hazard Labels)
  • High quality imaging (Zebra, TSC, Datamax thermal printers)
  • Excellent scan ability (Zebra and Honeywell)  
  • Low cost
  • Available in Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer
  • Available in any size- Stock or Custom


The durability of Polypropylene labels makes them well suited and cost effective for long term outdoor applications.  Also, BOPP is scratch and chemical resistant for products required to display its contents such as Drum Labels.



 Which Barcode Printer Should I Use? 

This depends entirely on the application. Ask yourself these three questions.

  • Will your labels be used inside or outside?
  • What will the temperature be?
  • How long do I need the labels/image to last?

Lets take a look at both Thermal Transfer and Direct Thermal printers.  Then you can decide which one best your application.


Thermal Transfer- With the correct thermal transfer ribbon, BOPP labels present a clean crisp image. With an aggressive adhesive, BOPP performs very well in extremely Cold or Hot Environments.  Since thermal transfer is not a heat sensitive material, you can expect a long lifespan in Hot Environments.


 Direct Thermal- BOPP labels also image extremely well with ribbonless barcode printers. Because direct thermal is a heat sensitive material, you can expect longevity in Cool to Cold Environments.


Below is a list of recommended Industrial and Desktop Thermal Barcode Printers.  These Printer models are for label sizes up to 4″ wide.  If your application requires a larger label, call Customer Service at 1-888-764-9965.


Zebra Barcode Printer 

     Industrial- ZT220

     Desktop- GK420d


TSC Barcode Printer    

     Industrial- TTP 2410MT

     Desktop- TDP 247 


  Datamax Barcode Printer  

     Industrial- M4206

     Desktop-  E 4205A


Barcode Southwest offers a full line of Polypropylene labels.  Our labels are available in almost any size- stock or custom. Call us to discuss your application and let us know if you need samples for testing.  We are always here to help you solve your labeling problems.


Barcode Southwest is a premier supplier of Barcode Printers and Labels for a wide range of industry applications. While we are located in the Bryan, College Station area, we supply to clients over the Southwest region of the U.S., including Houston, Texas; New Orleans, Louisiana; Denver Colorado; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


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How to Choose a Barcode Scanner for a Manufacturing Environment in Houston, Texas

Barcode Scanner for a Manufacturing Environment

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a barcode scanner for a manufacturing environment in Houston, Texas. Here are the main factors help you make a decision.

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Determining What Barcode Label Best Fits My Application

what barcode label best fits my application

“What barcode label best fits my application?” is a question we often hear at Barcode Southwest. Labels come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Selecting the right barcode label can be difficult. Therefore, we have put together some tips to help your Houston, Texas company determine which barcode label best fits your application.

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Android in the Workplace

Android in the workplace…Barcode Southwest Explains why you should use it.

Whatever the industry—manufacturing, healthcare, food, fleet management, or anything—it’s constantly becoming more mobile. Mobility is increasing with each advancement in mobile technology, and it presents an exciting new way to work. Android and Mobility also delivers results in ways that traditional or office-based work cannot do—not as quick, anyway.


Workplace mobility is powered by industry-grade mobile devices.  Today, the most popular platform for these devices is Android.   As such, Android has created a new way of working. Android will also create problems for other OS in use right now.

Not Windows, Not Mac

With an increasingly mobile workforce, Android should be the top dog in the mobile arena. Let’s take a look at some factors not making it the outright choice:


  • Support for Android is still in consumer-grade status. There should be a clear distinction moving down the road, but it’s still in its early stages.
  • Manufacturers are still learning to adjust to having Android devices outfitted for work. During the earlier stages, there were less devices; today’s count is even better already.
  • Google is still learning to adjust Android for work, so there are likely kinks in the system.


With that having been revealed, there are also benefits to using Android in the workplace. Some of them may be obvious, but still, they are undeniable:


  • Even with IT support and apps developed in-house, the administrators can only do so much. Private devices truly remain private, allowing for encryption of sensitive data.
  • There are more apps available now that are leaders in the mobile management arena. Such apps include MobileIron and Citrix.
  • Office 365, a Windows-developed app, and Concur are only some of many available workplace apps on the Android platform. It is an open-source environment, so even Windows apps can be made to work.


The learning curve will be big. Even now, Android in the workplace is still in its early stages. However, with the mobile arena being what it is, and the workplace changing to allow faster processes through mobility, Android in the workplace has nowhere to go but forward, and nothing to do but continue to evolve.


Handheld devices that run Android can be seen in a wide variety of uses. Contractors can use them in the field when they check on the sites they handle; truckers and clients can keep in touch with each other; and in the healthcare industry, medical workers—nurses and doctors—can rely on barcode scanning and label printing to keep them updated on each patient’s condition.


It is this mobile, efficient workplace that Barcode Southwest envisions. As a leading provider of barcode printers and scanners, as well as supplies for both, the company prides itself on its ability to understand their clients and offer superior products and expert insights to provide meaningful solutions. Barcode Southwest aims to foster relationships that remain steady in an industry that is constantly changing.


Barcode Southwest is located in College Station,Texas and can be reached through our email at and through our website



We are a premier supplier of barcode equipment to clients in manufacturing, healthcare, food processing, and shipping. We provide quality products and personal service to the Southwest region of the U.S. including but not limited to: Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida.

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Barcode Labels Not Sticking: Solutions for Houston, TX Companies

Barcode Labels Not Sticking

We often hear the problem of: “My barcode labels won’t stick.” There are many reasons labels won’t stick to the surface, but we will focus on the most common. Keep in mind the label environment in Houston, Texas will be different than Denver, Colorado and New Orleans, Louisiana. Weather also plays an important role in the problem of barcode labels not sticking. We have put together few solutions for barcode labels not sticking.

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How to Fix Barcode Printer Problems for Houston, TX Companies

how to fix barcode printer

Many companies experience the same problems with barcode printers operating efficiently on a daily basis. However, most of these problems are easy to find and easy to fix. All you need is a little time and an understanding that barcode printers are not perfect. Every Houston, TX barcode printer and label application is slightly different. Therefore, we will discuss how to fix barcode printer problems.

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Poor Imaging in Thermal Printers: Problems and Solutions

Houston, TX companies expect their barcode thermal printer to produce the best image every day. However, there are many reasons why a thermal printer is not producing the best image you expect. Let’s start with the easiest solutions for poor imaging in thermal printers.

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Thermal Printer Labels and Ribbons for Houston, Texas Companies

thermal printer labels and ribbons

Barcode Southwest offers thermal printer labels and ribbons for Zebra, Datamax, and TSC printers for  Houston, Texas. With our thermal printer labels and ribbons, you receive the highest value, greatest efficiency and a long lasting product.

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Synthetic Labels for Gulf Coast States: Solution for Humid Environments

synthetic labels for humid environments

Many Gulf Coast States, including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida suffer from high humidity. Therefore, these states all depend on synthetic labels to combat condensation and extreme temperatures. Meat processors, nurseries and lumber yards are just a few industries that rely on our synthetic labels. This is because they provide consistent high-quality imaging and adhesion. Here at Barcode Southwest, we provide durable and quality synthetic labels for humid environments.

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