Synthetic Labels for Gulf Coast States: Solution for Humid Environments

synthetic labels for humid environments

Many Gulf Coast States, including Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida suffer from high humidity. Therefore, these states all depend on synthetic labels to combat condensation and extreme temperatures. Meat processors, nurseries and lumber yards are just a few industries that rely on our synthetic labels. This is because they provide consistent high-quality imaging and adhesion. Here at Barcode Southwest, we provide durable and quality synthetic labels for humid environments.

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TSC TTP-2410MT for Houston, TX Companies


For high quality imaging and user-friendly design, Barcode Southwest offers the TTP-2410MT thermal barcode label printer. Houston companies will appreciate the industrial barcode printer series, as it offers three print resolutions, direct thermal or thermal transfer and the ability to print on paper or synthetic labels. The color touch display is a very nice feature for making adjustments while switching between different materials for different applications.

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Barcode Printer Parts and Service for Houston Companies

What you should expect from your barcode printer parts and service provider.

When your barcode equipment goes down, you need someone who doesn’t just show up but has the knowledge, expertise, equipment, and parts to do the scanner or printer repair quickly and correctly—the first time. For barcode printer parts and service, call Barcode Southwest at 1-888-764-9965.


Is that what you’re getting? The best time to explore your options for a reliable service technician is not when you’re facing a crisis. Do it now, call Barcode Southwest before an emergency, so you’re ready when it happens—and it will.

Here’s what you should expect from your barcode printer parts and service for Houston companies.

Rapid. Your equipment isn’t going to fail at a convenient time. Often, you have no warning that you’re on the verge of a significant disruption in productivity. If you have to wait until the next business day to speak with someone who can actually arrange your service call, then that business isn’t responsive.

Punctual. If you’ve ever spent hours waiting for a cable or appliance repair tech to arrive, you know how frustrating it is when someone doesn’t show up on time. With today’s technology, a technician should be able to let you know within a one- or two-hour window of expected arrival, as well as if there’s a delay. Leaving you waiting at the door isn’t acceptable.

Authorized. You invested in your equipment. Make sure the person who is servicing it has been trained and authorized by the manufacturer, including OEMs. Someone who hasn’t taken the time to understand the intricacies of a company’s design and engineering isn’t as invested in your equipment as you are.

You should always ask for a guarantee on printer parts and service.

Guarantees. Ask your service provider about a guarantee. If the problem isn’t adequately fixed on the first visit, do you have to pay for subsequent trips? What type of guarantee backs up the parts that you are purchasing? Be sure to ask for a written guarantee so you’re covered in the event you need a re-repair.

New parts. You might find refurbished parts to be acceptable, but you should at least have the option. Ask your service company whether they use new parts. If the provider sells refurbished parts, are they guaranteed?

Proactive. When dealing with barcode printer parts and service, a reliable service technician will give you advice about avoiding future repairs. They might recommend using different printer supplies, for example, or doing routine maintenance (e.g., cleaning and inspection).


Barcode Southwest provides service, repair, and parts for thermal barcode printers and barcode scanners we sell, including Zebra. Call Barcode Southwest at 1-888-764-9965 to see how we stack up as a barcode printer parts and service provider for your barcoding equipment.


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Types of Barcode Scanners for Different Houston, Texas Industries

barcode scanners

Barcode Southwest offers a wide variety of barcode scanners from industry leaders such as Zebra technologies and Honeywell. However, you may be wondering why there’s so many types of barcode scanners and which one is right for you. We will discuss how to determine which type of barcode scanner is right for you and your industry.

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TSC Thermal Barcode Printers for Houston, Texas Companies

TSC thermal barcode printers

TCS’s family of barcode printers consist of Industrial, Desktop and Portables. These high-value desktop and durable industrial class thermal label printers are the product of more than 20 years of printer design and manufacturing experience.

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Barcode Label Printer Training- Houston, Texas

The Dreaded Instruction Manual- Barcode Label Printer

As we know, barcode label printers come with an instruction manual. But, how much training are Houston companies getting from your barcoding resource? When it comes to deploying a new barcode label printer, barcode scanner, or software, can you always rely on the manual?  Training is included with any of these investments so that you not only understand how to operate the equipment, but also how to:

  • Maximize the functionalities
  • Avoid problems
  • Minimize downtime

Training for Common or Unique Applications

At Barcode Southwest, we include training with every barcode label printer, scanner, or barcode software purchase. We give Houston companies a thorough review of every user-friendly thermal barcode printer and scanner such as Zebra. We also realize that training often requires customization.  Barcode Southwest has developed our training programs on the products you have purchased, the user’s knowledge of their application, and the environment where the barcode printers or scanners will be used. Some Houston companies may need more or less training than others. Your environment or infrastructure may differ from other companies that are using the same barcode label printers, scanners, or software, so we adapt our training process to make sure that we focus on your specific needs.

Houston companies will appreciate that Barcode Southwest observes each user performing the tasks that are required of these products. For a barcode label printer, we will make sure the user can load the media, adjust printhead pressure and heat settings if necessary. We will  have users work with the barcode scanners until they are comfortable scanning in their environment using their barcode labels.



During software training, Barcode Southwest will help the user(s) create new barcode labels and go through the process for generating barcode labels for different applications. We can help develop a barcode label filing system, create new labels from a blank template, and produce compliance labels.  Barcode Southwest can also help Houston companies design a generic label format with a consecutive number.  Consecutively numbered labels/cartons are an excellent visual identifier for inventory control.

Contact Barcode Southwest (888) 764-9965 for a full-service barcode equipment and label provider that delivers a higher standard of customer service.

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Barcode Printer Communication for Denver, Colorado

Industrial barcode printer technology has become so widespread that many consumers take it for granted. However, the technology continues to offer numerous communication benefits for many Denver, Colorado businesses. Denver businesses can use barcode printer communication technology to improve accuracy, speed and efficiency without significant expense. With Barcode Southwest, you’ll find exactly what you need to increase the overall performance of your barcode printer.
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Barcode Printer Attachments for Durango, Colorado Businesses

Dependable thermal transfer barcode printer attachments extend the value of your printers. Media handling options such as cutters, rewinders and peel & presents will increase the flexibility and efficiency of your printing systems. Also, competitive emulations and wireless networking interfaces allow for diversity and a great ROI. With Barcode Southwest, you’ll find exactly what you need to increase the overall performance of your barcode printer for your Durango, Colorado business.
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Determining What Label Size You Need for Your Barcode Printer

A common question with companies in the Houston and metropolitan area is, “What size label will work best with my barcode printer?” Ultimately, the amount of content, size of text, size of UPC, pictures, size of container and the cost will determine label size.

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Barcode Southwest’s Zebra ZT610: Big Performance, Tiny Barcodes for Dallas, Texas

Zebra ZT610

Barcode Southwest once recommended the Zebra Xi4 Series of industrial printers to Dallas, Texas companies because they delivered the most consistent performance for high quality printing in a harsh environment. However, there’s a new printer in town, with more brain and more brawn than Zebra’s top-rated Xi4. Barcode Southwest will discuss the benefits and features of the Zebra Zt610 Industrial Printer.

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